Sunday, 11 March 2012

If You're Feeling Sinister*


Is it normative to post multiple posts a day?

Well, who cares. I don’t think I’ve ever acquired a wide readership. It never occurs to me though. Only God knows who read this. But, yeah, I post anyway. Hahaha :D

Soon after the previous post, I was staring at the screen, fixedly at my blog, and I feel like: “What was I thinking? Why did I choose black? It looks damn gloomy. I feel like reading a blog of an emo.”

I know, I know, previous theme was so sinister. Let see if I can pimp it up a bit later (if only I have the goddamn time), so it would not look like telling sad, sad, sad, emotional stories. Because, I’m not really that sad, am I?

Oh, shut up, Dinkleberg! I know I’m slightly miserable.


*Belle and Sebastian's song

[still march eleven, three thirty pm, by citra]

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