Sunday, 17 November 2013

Kebahagiaan kecil di sudut kamar

Di bawah garland dan judul album Lady GaGa ini kita pernah bertukar canda dan saling mengecup kening.
Sejak saat itu, definisi kebahagiaan adalah sebuah momen ketika aku memandang matamu, aku bisa melihat melaluinya, jiwamu.

Kebahagiaan itu dimana-mana.
Punyaku, salah satunya, ada di sudut kamar.


Under this garland and Lady Gaga’s album title, we have been joking around and kissing each other forehead.
From that moment on, happiness is defined as: a moment when I see your eyes and I can see, right through them, your soul.

I know that happiness is around the corner; always has been, always will be.
Funny thing is: thanks to you, I always find mine on the corner of my bedroom.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I Write Script, Not Tragedies

If you are wondering, I'm still alive. And if you're still wondering, I'm doing things in the world. And now, I get paid [long dramatic pause] for scriptwriting!


Yes, I got a job at one of radio station in Bandung. Thanks to the apprentice program, I'm now hired as their new copywriter. Lucky me, the word is not unfamiliar for I got copywriting subject back when I studied in classroom. Another lucky is I didn't get plunged to a world that requires me to formally get dressed and to put on make-ups. This job requires me to squeeze all the shit out from the right hemisphere of my brain and sort it out in the form of words. Right, I'm dealing with words.

Plus, I always thought that the job is kind of cool. Right? Copywriting. BOOM! How's that sound? Haha...

By the way, wish me luck, and I, too, wish you all the luck in the world =)