Saturday, 17 July 2010


Yes, here I am, in another network!
Long after reading friends' blogs and (finally) getting inspired, I've decided to create my own blog. I'll tell you up front that actually I'm not good at writing so maybe in the future, my posts will be not worth reading or just another crap, and my English is not that good like my teachers. But, I don't really give a damn! I take this stuff as a kind of learning writing, sharing my daily experiences and information to anybody around the world.

Actually, I have a Tumblr account, but I don't consider it as a blog because I rarely write on it (just quotes and poems), so I guess this is the right place to write =).

I believe that someday, this blog will get many visitors and people are like "who the hell person behind this fuckin' blog????" here I give you my brief information about who actually I am.

My name is Citra Dewi Saraswati. You can call me Kachiew, Kachaw, Cidera, Dewi, or any names you like to call me, but the easiest is that...just call me Citra, okay =D.
I am currently studying English Language and Literature in Indonesia University of Education, the best university of education in Indonesia! I live with my parent in the most beautiful city in Indonesia, Bandung. A cool place to stay, relax, and have fun!
I love everything related to art. I love photography, literature, music, and aesthetic stuffs. I also like reading, drawing, and writing poems.

Sort of much, huh??!!

Enough of crapping around, LET'S GO-BLOG*!

*sorry for the grammatical error, but this is kind of wordplay, in Bahasa Indonesia, Goblog means fool or dumb =).

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