Friday, 23 July 2010

Kites Festival 2010

Here we go again.

Today I’m going to share my experience last Sunday, July 18 2010. I got information from Twitter saying that on Sunday there would be Kite Festival held at Tega Lega Square, Bandung. So, I asked my friend (who owns DSLR) to come with me, and she agreed.

As usually, in Sunday, people go outside to get fresh air, gather with their family somewhere, and Tega Lega Square is one of places where people like to go on the day. It was so crowded there; you can find various people with their job – sellers and buyers, bummers and scavengers, objects and photographers =).

Okay, Tega Lega is a sort of ‘pasar kaget’, it is a kind of market where people sell many stuffs there only on a particular day.

As I got there and parked my motorcycle, I saw a long line of kites in the sky. Yes, an amount of kites connected on a single string. Seems to me like a stairway of kite to heaven. Beautiful.

I went to another spot of the square and found a kite-flyer trying to fly his full-color connected-kites (I’m sorry if that is a grammatical error noun phrase, hehe). And an old man came to the place we were, oh yes he is the owner of kites I saw first. His name is Abdul Hamid.

Man Behind the String

Let me briefly tell you about this Mr. Hamid. He is a pioneer of kite-flyer movement in Indonesia and also the chief of West Java kite-flyer community. I don’t have any idea about how old he is, but he is old. He loves kite since he was a kid. He wondered why kite was always that shape,

so he invented many shapes of kite. One day, he flied his kite in Bali and met other kite-flyers from various countries. He has flied kite and brought name of Indonesia abroad, from Alaska to European countries. He has been in this business for 82 years now, wow! He dedicates his life for kites. As long as wind still blows, he will be there, fly his kites.

That day was so inspiring. We have to focus on what we can do and put passion on it. Just like Mr. Hamid, he made it. Kites brought him traveling the world. Do you believe that? Even loving kite makes you can be able to visit other countries you have been dreaming of. Oh yes Mr. Hamid, you ROCK!


  1. I like the angles and moments you chose, Citra. Where did you learn photography?

  2. i'm sorry, sir. i dont check the blog a lot, but thank you very very much.

    i'm learning by doing =)
    and FYI, i'm sort of your fans actually. =)
    this blog is inspired by your works.