Sunday, 6 March 2011

Basic Needs

Ahoy, Amigo!

Every artists needs medium to manifest their ideas into the form of works . For photographer one of the medium is camera.

I found that this picture of mine is quite funny. My friend took it when we dined at one of the best pizza restaurant in town.
As an amateur photographer, I consider my camera as my basic need. This digital single lens reflex is my camera I call "Niko".
This pose just came into my mind. Like food, for me, Niko is my basic need. Not do I literally eat him, the pose just represents me considering Niko as my 'food', things I always need.

Niko is my 'happy meal'. =)

In case you're wondering what Niko and I have made, please visit our DeviantArt account. Here the link -->

Enjoy your meal, Amigo. =)

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