Saturday, 14 May 2011

One of Those Fine Nights

Taking photographs at Braga Street seems so last year these days (in my opinion, of course). You know, too many photographs taking place here; from casual, documentary, to pre-wedding photographs. Go check your facebook friends' profile picture, you'll find at least a photo of them in front of that white-brick wall house (most of them take pictures there), even I have those photos at Braga haha. But, last night, Velentina and I went there. Along with Niko, I took some photos of her (and I asked her to strike poses in front of that house haha).
In this photoshoot, I didn't focus too much on setting. I found a new style in taking photos, here they are.

I used long shutter (1/10 - 1/6), wide aperture (f/3.5), wide angel (18mm), and rear flash mode to have those effects. I saw photographer fellows having those mix of blurry-shining, -ah you name it - photographs. I've been wondering how they do that. And last night, I found it! Pretty cool though for this is the first time I use this style.
Next time, I'm gonna apply it in taking stage photographs. Hope it'll do so much.

Despite of that photography stuff, we were really having a good night together. =)

*thankies, Mony. *smooch*
[may fourteenth at four past three pm by citra]

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