Sunday, 1 May 2011

Starlit Carousel: The Purchase

Finally, I have guts to purchase a CD. After saving for weeks, I got enough bucks to spend it on an art work that actually can be freely downloaded from the internet, but I guess this time I reject piracy for a while and purchase the original tangible version instead.

So I went to Omuniuum book and music store at Ciumbuleuit, right in front of Universitas Parahyangan. At first, I wanted to check whether they still sell Tika and the Dissidents’ album, but darn, it is sold out. Then, I ended up buying a “Robinson Crusoe” novel, and an 90’s-released book entitled “Budaya Massa dan Pergeseran Masyarakat”.

Yesterday, I went to Omuniuum again. Accompanied by si Jebag, I bought Starlit Carousel EP by Frau. Taraa, it’s worth the cost.

In fact, the satisfaction of having and holding the EP in my hand cannot be bought by 35K.

I cannot write another lame review about Frau. Those which have been written around the web are convincing enough for you to try to listen to one of the track like “Mesin Penenun Hujan”.
Actually, I have downloaded the digital EP of Starlit Carousel (can be legally downloaded at and fall in love with it at the first listening. But finding that the packaged version is unique, I buy it to forget the disappointment of the fact that the Headless Songstress album was sold out.

And yay! I fall in love two times! With the songs and the package as well.

Outter Look of "Starlit Carousel"


Best served with coffee / tea and cigarette (additional haha)

Pop-up design

Spin to read the lyrics

I've told you, it's unique, isn't it? =)
Oh, and apparently, I bought this Starlit Carousel right at its first birthday on 30 April. How coincident!

Well, last but not least, the EP is highly recommended. It's quite easy listening and does suit any kind of mood. For those who love listening to music like Regina Spektor, try Frau!

P.S: This is my first CD I've ever purchased so far hahaha. Next: Mian Tiara - The Comfort of My Own Company. The news will follow hehe.

*thank you for accompanying me to Omuniuum, Jebag, l**e you =)*
[first of may. nine seventeen pm. by citra]

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