Saturday, 12 May 2012

Journal Entry #1: On Writing

Well, it takes a lot of effort to feel good, doesn't it? Even one single tweet posted in trashy world of Twitter can get you sooo down low low brow joooow ha ha ha haa... But to lighten up? You'll need a bunch of guts.
Really, feeling good is a choice. It is definitely a choice. You can either let yourself drowned in the quicksand of your own head-made insecurity, or you can just stop giving a fuck and carry on.
In my case, I choose carrying on and getting over trivial things that are not worth thinking. So, I channel my energy to other things that bring me benefits.

Like writing...

Writing is a really good therapy. I feel my writing is getting evolved. It gets better from time to time. Writing journal and blogs like this really helps. I know it's a good idea to write, even for a damn crap like this. It's nice to pour all of my thought into writing and I can feel less stressed.

Writing helps me remember. I read it somewhere that you cannot rely on your memory, you have to write it down. Right. Writing is just like a photograph. It instills the present moments in a camera called language.

Writing helps me grow. I can evaluate my previous writing pieces and make a better one in the future.

Last but not least... Writing helps me feel good.

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