Sunday, 1 April 2012

Songs to kick-start your day

Merry Sunday.
One of those fine things in the world is waking up to great songs in the morning. 
Here's my list:

1. Sigur Rós - Góðan Daginn
You will never have any idea what on earth Jónsi sings. Sigur Rós's music speaks for itself, more than their lyrics could. With its ethereal sound quality, Sigur Rós always gives me a mysterious thrilling rapture. Listen to it while having a glass of water in your front porch as you watch the sun rises. And, magically, you feel grateful for a chance to wake up alive again.

2. Jason Mraz - Make it Mine
Waking up has never felt this energetic. Just listen to the lyrics and you'll feel like you can do anything today.

3. Mew - Hawaii
Believe me, while you're still confused about your dream, it will burst you out of bed and lead you to the bathroom for a nice refreshing shower with its uplifting rhythm and atmosphere.

4. Suede - Positivity
This good ol' one never fails to cheer up my morning. Who else is going to tell you, with subtle cute British  accent, that: "the morning is for you, and the air is free, and the birds sing for you and your positivity."

5.  Jónsi - Animal Arithmetic
It's as if Jónsi suggests: put on your best dress and be happy. The breakfast's ready downstair and the weather is nice. Close your eyes for a moment and feel that you're so alive. And there you are set for the day.

Those are the songs that kick-start my day. What's your favourite morning songs? I'd love to know :)

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