Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tika, oh Mba Tika...

I heard about her. I've illegally downloaded her album yet kept it untouched for months. Bored of overplayed playlist, I played her songs in my Winamp, and voila! I instantly love her music!

Kartika Jahja, that's the frontperson of Tika and the Dissidents, independent band from Jakarta. She's been in that band as a vocalist and lyricist after riding solo as Tika since 2005. She strengthened her power in industry of music by recruiting three great musicians named the Dissidents and forming her current band. And here they are, Tika and the Dissidents.

Tika and her band has released a studio album entitled "The Headless Songstress" in 2009. The album received positive responses by critics. No wonder. The lyrics are different from her previous solo works in "Frozen Love Songs" (2005). Together with the Dissidents, she talks about social issues, from labour to homosexual. The album holds multiple genre, from waltz to coutry. Those compositions between lyrics and music have provoked me personally.

Being in love with her music, I dig deeper about her personal life and that's when I bumped into her blog in Friendster and Multiply. Reading it intensely, I found that Tika is unique with her witty thoughts she formed into words.

I was devastated knowing that she once played in Coup de Neuf #7 along with Frau, a side-project of Leilani, female musician from Jogjakarta whom I'm in love with too. I didn't get informed about the gigs, so I read the review featuring videos of their in Coup de Neuf's official page.

Tika is a shining diva behind her casual not glamourous outfit with boots and cigarette.

I make a vow, if Tika holds a gigs in Bandung, surely I'll be there, no matter how much it will cost me, I'll be in the front row of the mob, watch her and her retro microphone, sing her songs along.

Mba Tika, I'm looking forward to attending your dark orchestra.

Kartika Jahja. Cou de Neuf #7. Bumi Sangkuriang, May 22nd, 2010.
[photo source]

*with Tika and the Dissidents played on Winamp, I don't have to wait for the night to be insecure, neither do I have to turn off the light to feel the dark*
[april sixteen-one past eleven p.m-citra]

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